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Best android apps to improve your brain power

Intelligence is the best thing that could get you to higher places in your life. Today we are going to share you some of the apps that could make you improve your brain power. Most of these apps just like fun games that you could play and have fun in the meanwhile. Let's get into the play.

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Mind Games
         Mind Games is a great app with a large number of games to upgrade your brain and have lots of fun. Games get into higher levels on winning each game. It shows your performance and graph to show your progress.

Wallet Play
          Wallet play is a wonderful app which has a combination of text clue with pictures. It has lots of features like brain teasers, unlock levels and have endless fun with new word puzzles. It has an awesome way of presenting word in text and image format.

Sudoku Master
          Sudoku Master app is a game which portrays the classic sudoku puzzle which is 9x9 grid puzzle. It has many features like various levels, pencil marks for rough work, auto-save and resume and much more features.

Peak is an interactive game which has many games across different categories like memory, focus, language, mental ability and more. It has adaptive and dynamic game difficulty to keep the brain training challenging.

NeuroNation Brain Training
NeuroNation is one of the best professional brain training apps to take your brain to higher levels. It has many games and features that could increase your brain power, just give it a try.

If you have some of your favorites, please let us know.

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Please share your views and thoughts, that would make us do more for you.


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