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Customize your Iphone's screen resolution

Today we are going show you how to change the screen resolution on your iPhone. Yes, have you ever thought of changing your screen resolution on your iPhone and see show cool visual effects on your on your new screen resolution. It would be cool to have a customizable screen resolution. Now let's get into work.

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  • First of all open your Cydia app on your iPhone (you will be able to use this only if you have Jailbreak your iPhone)
  • Now you need to download a cool tweak from Cydia app called Upscale which will let you change your screen resolution on your iPhone and choose other iphones resolution.
  • Then reboot your iphone by just clicking the reboot button and when your iphone restarts open the app from the app drawer.
  • Now it's a simple selection of your preferred resolution from the list of resolutions available.
  • That's it now you can change your iphone's resolution in your preferred way.

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