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Play Youtube videos on your VLC media player without ads

Youtube is the most used video sharing site in the world and it is now owned by google. Everybody seeing this post would have watched some videos on youtube, it might be funny videos or education related videos or movies videos, anyhow you must have watched something. But have you ever noticed frustrated when you see many ads on your playing video and not having more accessible options on the video. If you had any one of the effects then you just need to follow our small but great post to get you out from ads and other problems.

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  • First open the video in Youtube which you want to play on your VLC player.
  • Now select and copy the URL on top of the screen like in the image.
  • Now open your VLC Media player.
  • Click on Media->Open Network Stream.. or simply press Ctrl+N

  • Now the paste the URL you copied from Youtube.
  • Click on Play.
  • That's it. Now you could see your favorite Youtube videos playing on our VLC media player.

With this, you could do all the options you do on your normal video like looping the video or snapshot and more on your Youtube video.

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If you have any questions or favors please let us know.

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