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Now you can stream movies directly on Pirates Bay website

Pirates Bay is one of the most wanted websites which contains many pirated torrent contents. Many agencies tried to block and made many actions to remove pirates bay out of existence. But still it is standing tall after many attacks tried on its site. Pirates bay comes with interesting hacked software and lots of movies and more. Now they have added a new feature on their site to stream movies directly from their website. You could try this feature on the pirate bay site.

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You will see a "Stream it" button near to your favorite movies. For the first time, you would be asked to download a browser plugin to play movies online. This browser plugin lets you play movies directly from on the pirates bay site.
It would be better if you use VPN to play movies. The quality of the video played depends on your internet speed and the popularity of the video. This feature will make pirates bay users happy as they don't need to download the whole video to play a part. Try this feature to find your own advantages.

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