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How to play secret game on your facebook messenger app with your friends

Facebook is the most using social media in the world. And you might be already using facebook app and its messenger app to chat with your friends. But did you ever know that you could not only chat with you friends but you could play a secret chess game with your friends on your messenger app? Yes, you can play and it is quite easy too. All you have to do is to send some text commands to play the game.

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  • First open your facebook messenger app.
  • Open the chat of your friends whom you want to play with.
  • Now enter @fbchess play in the text field and click send.
  • Now facebook would have replied you that you have started a new game to play and ask you to make your move on chess.

  • That's it you have started playing chess with your friend.
  • To make a move, you need to send a command like @fbchess Pd4 which 'P' refers to pawn and 'D4' refers to position to move.
  • To refer other commands and moves send command @fbchess help , facebook would reply with all the commands available by which you can make you moves and play excitingly.

If you have any queries please let us know.

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