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Must have applications for your Ubuntu

Ubuntu is one of the most used Linux distros. It is good for new users how are trying to get into Linux and also for advanced users who do a lot with ubuntu. In this post, we are going to provide you some of must have applications for ubuntu and if you are new to ubuntu, do install these applications right away.

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Gimp is one the best applications to do your photo editing skills with ease. It is quite easy to learn and it is also open-source. More people are saying that it is better than photoshop. You could even extend its functionalities with the use of plugins. Getting into GIMP to bring your editing skills into life.


Geary is desktop email client and it quite good to use it on Linux. It is simple and everyone could easily learn to work with Geary. For advanced users, it doesn't have big features but for new users, Geary is the best choice cause of its simple user interface.

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Tixati is an application to download the torrent files you find online. It has low resource consumption, good user interface, faster downloads and much more options. It also has the feature for a portable version.

VLC media player:

Listen to music and movies is something most people would do on their system And it is quite good to get yourself relaxed. VLC media player is great to play your music files and video files. It supports various formats and it has some good features.


Steam is something that every gamer should want on their systems. Nowadays gaming has gone to whole new level. Even to say I am also a serious gamer. Steam could satisfy all your gaming needs. Make sure to try it.

If we have missed some of your favorites, please let us know in comments below.

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