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How to use MX video player as audio player and play audio files

Android is the place of awesome apps to perform various activities with your device and files. And the most important thing is to play music and get relaxed. One of the most popular and superb video player cause of its easy user interface and fast execution. Most of you would have used MX player to play video files, But did you know that Mx player could also play audio files. For that, you just need to do a simple settings change and you could do it by following our guide.

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  • Open your MX player, if you don't have one download it from here.
  • Now tap on the menu button and choose settings options from there.
  • Choose Audio from the list you see.

  • Now check the first option, which is to use Mx player as an audio player.
  • Now all your audio files would be imported automatically to MX player and you could enjoy your favorite audios.

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