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How to shutdown your computer at any specific time

How to shutdown your computer with a specific time:

You all would have been used to shutdown your windows system by clicking start menu and shutdown. But you could also shut down your computer at any specific time you want and it too with a simple command on your cmd. You could even schedule for hours or months if you like. Now just follow our post to do so.

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  • Press Windows+R to open your Run. 
  • Now enter cmd to open your command prompt.
  • Now enter this command  "shutdown /s /t 3600" without quotes.
  • /s is to indicate shutdown. You could also use /l to log off and more.
  • /t is to set a timer for the shutdown. 3600 is the time (in seconds) after which the computer would shutdown. 3600 seconds is one hour. And for a minute 60 seconds.
  • You could do just a simple math to get for your time.

Note: You could remove the schedule using command "shutdown /a" without quotes.

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