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How to Secretly take photos and videos from your android camera

Most of you would have watched a lot of spy movies involving taking pictures and videos without others knowing of taking a photo. If you like to try it on your android phone, then we have a great solution for you to try on your android phone. It is a small app which let u take photos and videos without creating attention. It won't even look like a camera app.

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  • First of all download, the app called Mobile Hidden Camera from this link.
  • It won't look like a camera app on your mobile, it would look like a simple notepad app on your android mobile.
  • Open the app and changes the settings for images and videos according to your needs.
  • That's it. Now your home screen would have an icon called simple notepad app.
  • If you click on icon your camera would take the photo without creating shutter sound or flash or any kind of notification.
  • Now you have your own spy camera on your android smartphone. Enjoy it.

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