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How to scan hard copy paper works with your android smartphone

Every office personnel has the need to scan most of their paper works and make it a digital copy. They use high-cost scanners to do this job. But, do you know that you just scan the paper works with your android smartphone and convert it to Pdf format directly. Yes, you can do it. Follow our guide to getting your own personal scanner in your android phone.

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Steps to scan paper works with android:

  • First download the app called CamScanner from this link.
  • Install and open the app.
  • Now you could register or click use app to use it without registering.
  • Now your scanner is ready.

  • Click on the camera button to take a photo of your paperwork.
  • After taking the photo, the app would create an outline around your paperwork.
  • If you need to manually change some alignments, move the dots or else just press the tick button.
  • That's it.
  • Now your scanned digital pdf copy would be stored in your android.
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