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How to install cool themes to your Iphone or Ipad devices

Iphone is one best smartphones in terms of performance. But on terms of customization, it is not very good like android. It includes the stock user interface theme in your iPhone. If you don't like your stock theme then you could install themes with our guide below. Of course, it needs jailbreak to install the themes on your iphone. But it would be cool to have different themes on your iphones than other Iphones.

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  • If you haven't jailbreak yet, then, jailbreak your iphone now and get your Cydia app.
  • Now to install cool themes, search for "Winterboard" on your Cydia app.
  • And Now install it in on your Iphone.
  • After that click on "Reboot Now" button.

  • Launch your Winterboard app and click on "Select Themes" 
  • Now you would see the list of themes, Select the theme you like to be on your Iphone.
  • Then come back to Winterboard app and click on "Re-spring" button.
  • That's it. Your Iphone would be looking cool with the new theme.

If you have any queries, please let us know.

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