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How to enable or disable your android startup apps

Nowadays technology is getting updated every second, even as we speak it is still updated. With the increasing update, our gadgets are also on the run for update which includes our android smartphones. But when we use more apps on your smartphone, you would have noticed that your device performance is little low with more apps on your device. This is  due the running of many apps in the background. And all your apps start when you switch on your phone. But you can disable some apps from starting up at the bootup of your phone which you don't use frequently. Follow our guide to enable or disable your android startup apps.

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Note: This would work on only rooted android phones.

  • If you haven't rooted your mobile, then root it now.
  • Then you got to install the Xposed installer on your android.
  • Now you can install the BootManager module for the Xposed framework from this link.
  • You got to enable it in your Xposed framework.

  • Open the apps and you would see all the apps that startup at with your phone.
  • Now click and choose only the apps which you would like to start with your phone.
  • After you have selected the apps you can click on Done button.
  • That it. You are done. Now only the apps you selected would start with your phone startup.

If you have any queries, please let us know.

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