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How to detect and stop keylogger on your computer

First of all, we got to know what a keylogger is? Keylogger might be software or hardware that will record the words you which you type on your keyboard. It will get dangerous when you type your bank passwords or other passwords on your keyboard, cause it will be recorded by the keylogger and your passwords would get into the hands of a hacker.

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Detect Hardware keylogger:

Hardware keyloggers are like an extra hardware attached to your keyboard pin which you connect to your computer. You could see the keylogger in the image below. It is easy to remove, you just have to remove the extra hardware from your computer and connect it your keyboard pin directly to your computer.

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Detect Software keylogger:

Method 1:

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your keyboard.
  • Click on "Start Task Manager".
  • Now click on the Processes Tab on your Task Manager.
  • You would see a list of processes that is running on your system.
  • If you see any suspicious processes running on your system, then it might be a keylogger.

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Method 2:

  • Go to Control panel.
  • Now click on "Uninstall a program".
  • You will look into the list of programs that are installed on your system.
  • Take a clear look and if you find a program that you have not installed on your system.
  • Then uninstall it, cause it might be a keylogger.

Note: It would be best to type important passwords onto your notepad and then copy-paste it to your browser if you have doubt of keylogger on your computer. As most keyloggers are unable to record keystrokes on your notepad.

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