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How to delete your files completely so that no one can recover it

Every file you delete would not be completely deleted from your hard disk. It is still recoverable from the hard disk. You might also think to delete it with Shift+Delete. Still, it is recoverable. It would seem like a good thing. Yet, in fact, it is a good one, but it is not good when you try to delete some sensitive content that you don't want anybody to recover it from your hard disk. But you can delete those sensitive files that you don't want others to find when recovered.

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  • First download the software called Eraser from this link.
  • Eraser software is a good one to delete files completely and making it unrecoverable.
  • If you want to delete some files, select the files and Right-click.
  • Choose Eraser-> Erase.
  • Now click on Yes.
  • That's it. Now you have deleted the files and the files will be unrecoverable.

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