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How to create fake files, videos, audio and more on your Windows on any size

We have been posting a lot of useful and prankful tricks with your system. And this is one the best cause you could use it fool your friends or you could use it in much better ways with your own imaginations or you could just write a program to create a numerous number of files on others computer.

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  • First go to start and search for "cmd"
  • Now right click and choose "Run as Administrator".
  • Now Type the following command  "fsutil file createnew C:\techiax.mp4 1073741824" without quotes
  • Here fsutil is the command used for file management, volume management and more.
  • file createnew is default command to create a new file
  • C;\ is the location to store the file which is C drive.
  • techiax.mp4 is the name of the file with video extension. You could also create doc files like techiax.doc or audio files like techiax.mp3 or you could use any file format you know of including android apps and other operating systems.
  • 1073741824 is the number of bytes in 1GB. So this would create the file of 1GB. You could define any size of your choice in bytes.

Try it with different views of your own imaginations and share with us your results in comments.

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Please share your views and thoughts that would make us do more for you.


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