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How to control your android volume even if your volume button is broken

Android is on the verge of becoming the most used operating system in the world. All of you reading this post might have an android smartphone with you. Have you ever noticed that you change the volume mostly by only the volume buttons on your smartphone. But what happens if your button is broken or not working, then it will lead to a frustrating disaster. You could also control it by going into the settings and changing the volume, but it becomes hard to do it for every time when we want to change the volume. Our post gives a solution to this problem by giving you the ability to change the volume with the click of a button on the notification bar.

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First download the app called Volume ChopCUT from this link.

When you open the app you would see the settings to choose the type of notifications you like on your notifications bar.

First one is the basic notifications which make open the system volume bar when you click on it.

Next is the extended notification which allows you to directly change the volumes from your notification bar.

You could also use the floating widget option to make the volume stay all the time.

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Now you could change the volumes easily even if your volume buttons are not functioning correctly.

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