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Format your Pendrive using command prompt

Pendrives are quite handy to take many GB's of data with you in your pocket. But the problem is, most pendrives are easily affected by viruses. So it is often necessary to format pendrive properly to remove all the virus. Here we would should you how to format pendrive using the command prompt.

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  • First plug your pendrive to your system.
  • Now search for "cmd" on start.
  • Right click on cmd and click the option "Run as Administrator".
  • Now type in this command to format your pendrive "format /x /fs:ntfs /q I:"
  • x is for dismount properties
  • fs:ntfs is used to format your pendrive with NTFS file system. Or you could use /fs:fat32 to format with FAT32 file system
  • q is used for quick format
  • I: is the drive letter of your pendrive to format

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  • After entering the above command, it would ask for "press ENTER  when ready". Press Enter to start your formatting.
  • It will start the process and show you the details of the formatting.
  • Then it would show a line like this "Volume label (32 characters, ENTER for none)?" . This line asks for the name that you want to appear on your pendrive. Type some name and press ENTER.
  • That's it. You are done.

  • You're pendrive would be formatted and will have the name you entered.

If you have any queries please let us know in comments below.

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