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Download offline maps with google maps

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Download offline maps with google maps:

Everyone has the need of using maps on their way on the travel. But all the maps need an internet connection to view the maps. What if, you got stuck in a place of no internet connectivity. An offline map could suffice all your needs and could also reduce the internet usage. You could download the offline maps with one of the best android apps for maps which are the google maps.

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  1. First open your google maps.
  2. Now search for the place you want to download the google map and choose the place from the list.

  3. Your place would be located on the map, now swipe up to more features.
  4. Click on the menu button.
  5. Now click download offline area.

  6. Google will ask for confirmation for you to resize the map.
  7. When you are ok with the map click on the download button and your map would start to download.
  8. To view your saved maps click on the menu icon and choose an offline area (for some users the offline areas could be found from "Your places" option.
  9. That's it. Now you could view your favourite places and travel places in offline.


The downloaded map expires after 30 days and you will be needed to download a new one cause maps will be updated every time by google like all other providers.

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