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Best Android apps to install in your rooted Android device

Best Android apps to install in your rooted Android device:

Here we present you the best apps that should be installed on your Rooted Android phone. You might be using some of these apps, but try to use all the apps cause they are awesome to use in your phone and sure to give it a try.

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SuperSU should be the first app you should download after rooting your android phone. This apps lets to give and take the rooted functionalities to the other apps that use the rooted access on your smartphones. It has other functionalities like to unroot your smartphone and more. You can download it from here.

Titanium Backup:

Titanium backup is one of best apps for your rooted android. Don't think it as a normal backup app. It could backup your whole android phone including apps, app data, phone settings and much. Give it a try by clicking here.

ES Explorer:

ES Explorer could work as a normal file explorer in android. But with rooted access to this app, it could give you the access of the rooted directory. It has the data about your apps and more private data. You can download it here.

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ROM Toolbox:

ROM Toolbox is a collection of many tools in a single app. It has many features like ROM management, theme, style, app management and much more. You can download it from here.


Greenify is an app to hibernate the unwanted apps that make your android slow and save your data, battery and lot of things. Stop apps from starting or running at background. You can download it from here.

If you have some of your favourites please let us know in comments below.

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