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Android hard button tricks you need to try on your device

Android is becoming the market leader in the industry of smartphones. Every smartphone has inbuilt button tricks to help you if you have got stuck or hang of your android phone. We have stated some of the tricks to help you.

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To Force restart your phone:

Most times your phone would be frozen so that you can't even power off your phone via soft options. Then you can press and hold Power+Volume Up buttons to force restart your phone. For some models, it would be enough to hold down the power button.

Take screenshot of your screen:

Screenshots might come in handy situations to take a copy of some specific orders or something you want to keep as a proof or remainder. Press and hold Power+Volume Down buttons to take a screenshot of your screen.

Ignore calls:

To ignore calls with the buttons itself is a good option to make in case of calls at office hours or some secret places. You could just press Volume down button when you receive the calls you could mute it immediately. For some models, it would be Power button.

Note: These are some of the universal settings for most of the smartphones. It will resemble for most variety of smartphones. It might vary for some devices.

Be sure to test it on your device and tell us in the comments below.

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