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You can now use your Gmail account within Yahoo Mail

Yahoo recently added support for third-party email clients like Hotmail, Outlook and AOL earlier this year and now Yahoo has announced that from today, Yahoo users  will be able to access their Gmail account from within Yahoo Mail. Yahoo states that they will be able to access their entire Gmail archive, with all their attachments included and all their emails not just the last 200. Yahoo mentions now they can also search all connected mailboxes from a single location of the yahoo.
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Yahoo mentions these new features were added:
  • Password Free Sign in: With the help of Yahoo Account Key on mobile, you will have to no longer have to memorize all the complicated passwords you keep. Account Key feature makes it easier to sign in to your Yahoo account just like tapping a button.
  • Compose Engaging Emails: You could now add photos and videos with the help of the new Yahoo Mail app. You could also try to use the desktop feature to add photos, videos, GIFs, links, files and much more.Pressing the "+" sign on the new message gives you to add these features.

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