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Why hackers prefer linux?

The use of Linux operating system is growing at an amazing rate as it free to use and it is also an open source operating system meaning it could be used by anyone and anyone could change the features of the entire operating system.  This is something that is attracting all the Hacker around the world. The hackers could change any particular line of code from the millions of codes of the operating system to work for their need. Here are some important points on why the hackers prefer Linux.You could use it if you want to become one.

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Why hackers prefer Linux?

Open Source: If you are developer this could be a great feature for you as you could modify the feature of the operating systems and your software to the extreme you want.

Compatibility: Linux accepts all common file formats and it also runs all Unix software packages.

Low cost: As I stated before Linux if free to use and change and most of its software has a GNU General Public License.
Stability: Linux operating systems are not just going to hang up and they are not needed to reboot periodically as of other operating systems. It can have more continuous upgrades than  you could imagine.
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 Flexibility: It could be used in a variety of systems ranging from high-performance server machines to low range devices.
Network friendliness: Linux is good friendly operating system to work with Networking functions. As you change anything the setting up of server and clients is much easier than you think it is. It is not mostly attacked by the threats and issues.

Multitasking: Linux could do huge things in parallel like handling multiple GUI applications and huge printing job.
Full use of hard disk: Linux does slow down even if you use the full hard disk space.
Fast and easy installation:  Many Linux Distributions now come with GUI which is user-friendly for the installation of software. They are also having different tools for installation of additional software.

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