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View and download all your Google search history

View and Download all your Google search history in one place

                Today, Google has become one of the best search engines of the world. Lots of people search lots of content on Google. But what most of them don't is that google saves all of the searches in their huge databases for improvement of search engine and to keep track on its users.
                You could also view all the search history that you put on google. This also includes all the search you do on your android phone. It even displays the apps you opened and used on your android phone with accurate timings.

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Steps to view your search history

  • First copy and paste this URL https://history.google.com/history/   in your URL bar.
  • It will ask for your Gmail account.
  • Enter the Gmail account for which you want to know the search history
  • From there you will land on this site which display all of your searches on the web as well as on android

Download your search history:

  • You could download all your search by clicking on the Download button

  • It will reply to your Gmail account when it is ready to download
  • And you could download it from your google drive

Delete search history:

  • To delete some of the searches click the check boxes next to them and click on delete at the top.
  • You could also delete searches from today or yesterday or from a timeline like this.

Stop google from tracking you:

  • If you don't want Google to track your activities
  • Go to settings and click on the toggle button to off the tracking.

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