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Use your Android camera as your PC webcam

Use your Android camera as your PC webcam:

Most people are now using skype and other services from their computer to perform video calling with their friends and other people from all over the world. The things that are required  to perform video calls are Internet connectivity and Webcam. But now webcams are more costly and give only low clarity of video for a low cost. I assume most of you will be having an Android mobile phone with you. What if, there is a way to use your android smartphone as your webcam for your PC. It would be cool. You could with a little app and software called DroidCam. With this, you could connect your android mobile camera as your PC webcam with wifi or USB. Both are wonderful features. Now follow the below steps to make your Android camera as your PC webcam.

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  1. First install the software for your system from this link
  2. Now install the Android application from this link

Connect with USB cable:

  1. Now connect your system and android with USB cable.
  2. Click on the USB icon at the top of the Droid Cam application in you system.
  3. Now click on the Start button
  4. That's it. If it shows a command prompt just wait till it finishes.
  5. Now you could see the video captured by your mobile on your system.
  6. When you use this application which require webcam like skype it will detect your android mobile automatically and you don't need to do anything.

Connect over Wifi or hotspot:

  1. To work with wifi, you can connect your devices to your LAN or create a hotspot at android or create a wifi server with system application.
  2. All will do the same work, so it's your choice.
  3.  I will show to connect over with your LAN if you don't have LAN just connect it with Wifi server found at the to the right of the system application.
  4. When you connect your android to LAN, the app in android will show your IP address.
  5. Enter the IP address into the DroidCam application in your system.
  6. And click the Start button.
  7. That's it.

If you have any queries please let us know in comments below.

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