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Use Google Translate to access blocked websites

You would all have been using or trying to use many proxy sites or various tools to get the access of blocked websites. Here we provide an another easy method to get the access of these blocked sites with the help of google translate. With google server, you could load these blocked websites very fastly and without any installation of tools.

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Steps to access blocked websites with google translate:

1. go to Google Translator.
2. You will have two boxes, one to give the media to translate and other to get the translated output media.
3. Now put the blocked link on the left side and select any language and on the right side click the language in which you understand.

4.Now click translate.

5. A Link would be generated by google translate.

6. Click on the link and google translate would open the website in the web view.
7. That's all, now you could view the blocked website with google and there is no restriction on it.
With this method, you need not install a third party software or tools and this would faster as it is accessed by google. With this cool method now you could access the websites which were blocked by your server. Try to test with more content on this site as they might change.

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