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“Shodan” is becoming the Scariest Search Engine on Internet by hackers

 Shodan which was launched in 2009 is like a spy keeping an eye on the IoT technologies of the world. John Matherly, the creator of Shodan, kept his project this name after the  video game System Shock. It is already getting more popular among hacker and has earned the name "Scariest Search Engine".

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Shodan can show you what search engines like Google doesn’t want to show you. Shodan gets all the HTTP addresses of  various devices linked over the Internet across the world and stacking them to their database. They do indexing based on various factors like brand, country, OS, etc.

Shodan’s could be used to detect the flaws in the traffic lights, security cameras, power grids, and even nuclear power plants and take our their control. Most of them will not have that much of security to withstand this kind of attacks.

If you have internet enabled security devices with you then this might be some mistakes as hackers could take control of it. It is, however, hard for them also to hack it.
Most of the people won't even change their default passwords on their devices. Shodan can crawl with the help of Internet for you and could take control of it. But it comes with a price, as they keep fees for their work.
Please use shodan with caution and don't misuse it.

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