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Save your data pack with google chrome's Data Saver

Save your data pack with google chrome's Data Saver:

Today, most of the websites use high-quality themes and images even for the smartphones. It is good for most users who use high-cost data plans. But for people who use limited data plans, this could be nightmare cause it will drain the data when you load most of the websites. But what if you could save more data from your browsing without compromising your user experience. Yes, you could do it with google Chrome. You just have to use an inbuilt feature of google chrome to do so. It will begin to save some data from the websites you visit and you could keep your data left for a much longer time.

Steps to reduce your browsing data:

  • Open your Google Chrome browser.
  • Now click on the menu icon the top right corner.
  • And choose the settings option from there.
  • Now click on the Data Saver option below the Advanced feature.

  • You will land on a new screen.
  • Now click the toggle button to ON.
  • That's it. Now chrome will save your browsing data for you.
  • And as an additional feature, you could also see the amount of data saved from the chart.

Start saving your data from now onwards.

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