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Safe browsing is now available for Android Chrome browser

Google had made a major announcement today that it has given the ability of  Safe Browsing feature of Chrome to Android. Devices running with or above the Play Services version 8.1 and Chrome 46 version or later will have these settings by default.

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The Safe Browsing feature needs to be up to date in order to hackers from hacking them and to keep people from visiting those dangerous websites. This would greatly give protection against most of the phishing attacks. They are also trying to do compression to reduce the data usage of these safe browsing
“We hunt badness on the Internet so that you don’t discover it the hard way, and our protection should never be an undue burden on your networking costs or your device’s battery. As more of the world relies on the mobile web, we want to make sure you’re as safe as can be, as efficiently as possible,”
 which is said by Noé Lutz, Nathan Parker, and Stephan Somogyi  of these safe browsing who wrote on their blog.

Google play also have features to prevent malicious apps and to protect people from phishing, malware, and other attacks. Google is now trying to protect people from these with google chrome browser.
Of course, apps can present security risks, too. And the Google Play Store has security features built in. But now Google and their operatives are doing more to protect people from malware, phishing, and other dangers in the Chrome browser.

To see whether you have safe browsing by viewing the privacy section in the chrome settings.

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