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Run IOS apps on your windows computer

iPhones are much popular like android and the persons with IOS devices have their own reputation with the use of iPhones. It is apt to say that the IOS and android are the market makers in the era of smartphones. But buying an iPhone is quite hard due to its cost. But iPhone has many unique features to keep it standing in the list of the top market makers. It will feel great when you have an iPhone in your pocket.

But if you don't have an iPhone, don't worry. There are simulators that allow you to run your IOS apps on your Windows PC. Many people would have been  seen the use of  android emulators to run android apps on their own PC. Now it's time to run your IOS apps on your Windows computer with this simulator called iPadian.

  1. First download the iPadian simulator from this link.
  2. And now install it onto your Windows PC.

  3. That's it. You are set to use your IOS applications on your Computer.

You will have feel and look of the IOS on your very own PC. But apart from the advantages of the simulator, it has a disadvantage as the Apple store for apps won't work on iPadian and they have their own store for you download. And they will have most of the basic apps that you like to run on IOS devices. But you will find this simulator interesting and you could have the experience of using your own IOS device in your computer. 

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