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Rename multiple files with a single click in windows

Rename multiple files with a single click in windows


Most of the people who are in need to work with a lot of files will have great trouble in renaming and changing the files to particular locations based on their category. I will share a little trick that would make your renaming of files much faster. And the most interesting feature is it could be done for similar files types and different file types. For similar file types, a number would be appended at the end. And for different data types, the name would be same.

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Steps to rename multiple files:

  • First select all the files which you need to rename.

  • Now make a right click on one of your files that you have selected to rename.
  • Now select the rename option from the menu.

  • Now rename the file you right-clicked.
  • Don't worry, just renames it with the name you want and press Enter.
  • That's it.

  • Now all your files with different file types will be changed to the name you just typed.
  • And all your files with same data type would be changed to the same name with numbers at to differentiate.


        The numbering for the same file types starts from the file you just made a right click and go raising fo files below.
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