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Need to know Youtube shortcuts

Need to know Youtube shortcuts:

We are all living the era one of the most popular video sharing tech giant which is the Youtube. Today most than Hundreds of thousands of videos are being shared on Youtube and most of you may be using youtube to watch your favorite videos. Nowadays, people are spending more time on youtube to work with their projects or watch their favorite movie trailers or scenes  or spend their time watching some entertainment videos to relax their hard working time. You may also be like most people doing so. But before you do so make a note on these shortcuts and make your time at youtube faster and enjoyable.

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Keyboard Shortcuts:

Full-Screen Videos:
Use key 'f' to switch between full-screen mode and normal mode.

Pause and play:
Use Spacebar to pause and play or use key 'k'.

Slow motion play:
Hold down space bar or key 'k' to see a video in slow motion.

Forward or Rewind 5 Seconds:
Use the left and Right arrow key to forward or rewind for 5 seconds.

Forward or Rewind 10 seconds:
Hold down Ctrl key and press left or Right arrow keys to forward or rewind 10 seconds.

Jump to sections:
Pressing 1,2,3...9, number keys will jump your video to 10%, 20%, 30%,....90%, video length.

Go to Video start:
Press 0 to go to the start of the video.

Go to End of video:
Press end to reach the end of a `video. 
It will load next video if you are on a playlist.

Volume up and down:
Use Up and Down arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

Mute or Unmute Video:
Use key 'm' to mute or unmute video.

Escape fullscreen:
Press ESC button to escape from full screen playing.

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