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Make bootable Pendrive for Windows or Linux OS

Make bootable Pendrive for Windows or Linux OS:

The use of DVD's to install OS is going to the dark as the conversion of pendrive into bootable has made the installation of OS much easier and efficient when compared to CD or DVD. With the use of bootable Pendrive we could fastly install any OS without the errors of DVD like the DVD will show some error at some place if it is more scratched. The best way to install an operating system in today's environment is to use the way of making Pendrives bootable. And you can do it by just using this small but powerful application.

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Steps to make Bootable Pendrive for Windows or Linux:

  • First download the Rufus application from this link. It would be likely below 1MB only.
  • Now download the ISO file for the OS you want to install. Mostly found on the publishers website.

  • Now open the Rufus Application.
  • Plug in your Pendrive.
  • The Rufus will automatically detect your Pendrive do the choose the preferred settings for your Pendrive.

  • You don't need change any settings. Just choose the Device if you have more Pendrives.
  • In the Format Option, you will a test like "Create a Bootable Pendrive using".
  • Click on the icon on the right side of the text.
  • Now choose your ISO file that you have downloaded for your use.
  • Now click on the Start button. And Rufus will format the Pen drive for you.
  • Now you can boot into your system with this bootable pendrive.
  • When you are finished you could just format the pendrive to use it as a normal pendrive.

If you have any queries please let us know in comments below.

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