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IOS 9.2 is now available with lot of exciting features

Today, Apple has just announced the second major update which is iOS 9.2. It includes changes to Apple news app which involves human editors to list the top stories list.
Another interesting feature is that it allows third-party application integration with safari.
With these iBooks also get 3D touch support.

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And IOS has removed the feature of AT&T's NumberSynce Wifi Calling.
And more include fixes for most of the applications.

Here’s the list of important upgrades, changes, and bug fixes:

  • Improvements made to Apple Music
  • The playlist is sorted on the basis of recently changed one when adding a new song to a playlist.
  • Now you could listen to audiobook on iBooks when exploring iBooks store
  • Fixed issues with Live photos, contacts, and calendar.
  • Fixed issues of the Activity app on Daylight Savings Time Transition
  • You can download the whole album or playlist from the icloud by pressing the iCloud button.
  •  Fixing issues on health app, wallet updates and lock screen alerts from displaying.
  •  Fixed the login issues with the Find my IPhone login.
  •  Improved the responsiveness of keyboard upon Quick Reply.

  • Fixed the Camera screen issue going black when capturing video
  • Arabic is now supported by Siri
  • USB Camera Adapter can import videos and photos
  • Fixed the issue of the mail attachments for email accounts.
  • Fixing issues with VoiceOver and adding more support for it with new features.
  • Fixing the issues with speech rate of Speak Screen and Guided Access.
  • When adding a song to a playlist you could create a new one to add.
  •  Improved input of punctuation on Chinese keyboards and fixed an issue with the Cyrillic keyboards.

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