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How to enter and use safe modes in windows 7 and 8

Most people would have used to enter the safe by pressing F8. But this trick is not working for the Windows 8 PCs.
The Safe Mode provides you a low-resolution, not visual-friendly, limited functionality Windows environment which is good to use it for diagnostic and repair purposes. Most people use it if the uninstall of a software keeps failing it can be uninstalled properly in Safe Mode.
Safe Mode cannot connect to the internet. However, there is an alternate called safe mode with network to perform internet related activities.

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The way to go the safe mode in windows 7 systems is to boot the PC and start pressing  F8 key repeatedly. Then an Advanced Boot Options menu comes in which you can select Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking which one is convenient for you. I would prefer safe mode alone.

The above method does not work for most of the Windows 8 computers. For windows 8 follow the below method.

  1. Open the Run by pressing windows+r  type msconfig in it and click enter.
  2. System configuration pops up.
  3. Choose Boot tab option.
  4. In the Boot options, Check the Safe boot option 
  5. 4. Select the type of safe mode you want to start and click OK.
  6. 5. Now Restart.

It will boot up with safe mode settings.

The problem with this method is that when you’re finished and when you reboot Windows, it will again go to the safe mode. So when you’re in  the Safe Mode, launch MSConfig as above said and uncheck the Safe boot option you just selected.

Here is an another method for windows 8.
  1. Keep the Shift key hold down and select the Restart option from the Shutdown menu of windows 8 like in the image. 

  2. On the resultant screen “Choose an option” and  select Troubleshoot>Advanced options>Startup Settings>Restart.
  3. Now the Startup Settings menu should appear.
  4. Choose your safe mode you want and enter.

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