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Steps to become a good programmer

 Programmers are in now in great demand for most of the tech giants in our time. They are ready to pay more than you or I could have imagined for a good programmer. Good programming skills are in great need to make your time enjoyable with programming. Many successful programmers would state the below point as the most needed skills to develop for you to become a good programmer.A good programmer is not a word that can find its definition in the dictionary.

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Strong knowledge on Basics 
Every programming language has its own basic features and functions that you need to clear. When you are very good at basics you could easily solve more problems even for advanced ones. Conceptual understanding of basics is highly necessary. If you don't have a strong conceptual foundation, you could never be a good programmer. With core conceptual understanding you can create the best solutions in the best possible way. If you about to start learning on how to programming I would suggest you to first go with basics of your programming language specific concepts.

Learn more = Helping others
Most of us always go to forums or groups when we need help. A good programmer would always visit these places more often to help others so that he/she could learn more by solving others problem. Within a team, it is higher recommended to help others to solve their problems. Believe me, getting into others problem and providing solutions will give you much more knowledge than before.

Always go for short and simple logical code 
Always the formula of ‘Keep it simple and short’ work in programming. Write more logical code and avoid complexity. Sometimes people do write complex code just to prove their capability to write such codes. Complexity is never going to buy you any credit. Simple codes are always acknowledged by great programmers. I would always say that simple but logical codes always works well, resulted in fewer issues and you could debug it sooner if needed and  are more extendable.

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First Understand the problem then try to fix it
First understand and analyze the problem very well and the start to design solutions for it. This will make the rest of the things could be easily done. Designing not always mean thinking too much and using high complex modeling languages and complex tools, it can be done with some simple way like  looking at the sky or your favorite place and thinking about the solution in your mind. Those who eventually do the work of typing the moment they get the problem, always get into a lot of messes.

Check your code yourself and then go to others
Try to break your own code yourself before others can and by doing this, you will learn to write code without bugs. Also, never hesitate to make others view on your code and get their suggestions. Being in touch with good programmers and getting their suggestions will surely help you become a good programmer.

The world is always changing
The world is always changing and the abilities and skills of a programmer should also be updated with the changing world as your skills could become outdated in a few years. Get to learn more of the changing technology and new updates whenever possible. If you follow our website, you could easily get on to it.

Work with passion.

Passion brings every aspect of becoming a good programmer in one place. You should become passionate with their programming skill which could motivate you to gain more skill for your success. 

Look out for others code also
Looking out for reliable and known open source code could help you greatly in making your programming better. Your comparison with others will give your more knowledge. Everyone has got his or her strengths and weaknesses. We should understand our strengths and weakness and try work on it.  Analyze yourself and find the areas you need to improve and work on it. 
Programming is always a real fun.

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