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Hide your file or folder undetectable with windows command prompt

Hide your file or folder undetectable  with windows command prompt:

All us has some secrets to hide in our computer. Most of the business people hide their data and some kids would hide their games. To do so, they would likely use much software. But the thing with software is when someone looks at it, they will know you have hiding software and they will assume that you hide something in it. With the small trick, i am about to say to you, you could hide your files or folders from others and nobody could notice. Only you could rehide it if only if you remember the name and path. So make sure you don't forget your file name or folder name.

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Steps to Hide file or folder:

  1. First go to start and search for cmd.
  2. Now right-click on it and select Run as Administrator (This won't be needed for most users).
  3. Now navigate to your folder on cmd with the cd command.
  4. Type command attrib [file.filetype or foldername] +h +s +r +a
  5. That's it, now the file or folder you gave will vanish.
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Steps to Unhide the file or folder:

  1. Follow first 3 steps as before.
  2. Type command attrib [file.filetype or foldername] -h -s -r -a
  3. Now your vanished file or folder would be returned.


+h  Set file attribute as hidden.
+s  Set file attribute as System file.
+r   Set file attribute as read-only.
+a  Set file attribute as an archive.

-(minus) sets all attributes opposite way.

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