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Google launched 360 degree interactive videos to Youtube - Special delivery

Google is bringing a lot of interesting new features to all the products that it hold. And now it is the launch of an another attractive and interactive feature in the videos and Youtube. You could have watched the 360-degree pictures at many websites or software but have you ever thought of a 360-degree video. It is  the launch of the 360-degree interactive view of the youtube videos. And you will be really surprised to see how awesome the videos are. Now only the view is 360 degree, the sound is also 360 degree and you could feel the change in the sound when you interact with video. 

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But it is not available for all the devices or browsers. And it is also not available for all the videos. You can feel the experience of 360 viewing in the video if you are the video in chrome or firefox and for android phones only in youtube app and not all android phones are supported.

They have released the videos of "Special Delivery" short film made by Aardman Animations in the 360 degree view. You could see it in the Spotlight Stories Youtube channel. Google said that the video becomes unique, each time you view as there are more 60+ turns in the story can happen with type of interaction you make with the video.

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Google said that they will be bringing this amazing technology to more videos in the next year. This proves to be a stepping stone for one of the biggest leaps in the industry of video streaming.

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