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Censys - Search engine to find security flaws is powered by google

According to the statistics of the latest research done by the Austrian company SEC Consult, At the present time more than 3 million modems and routers and other devices are vulnerable to online threats and attacks by hackers. These facts were got with the help of a brand new search engine called Censys  which is aimed to give the researchers and security personnel to find the treats.
Now Censys is being powered by one of the largest search engine Google. Censys is an open source and free to use search engine. “We’re trying to maintain a complete database of everything on the Internet,” says Zakir Durumeric, the University of Michigan researcher who is leading the project.

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Working of Censys:

Zakir Durumeric with some of his colleagues created a software called ZMap which collects the data from various sources and give it to the search engine Censys. ZMap can scan more than 4 billion IP addresses and it get more new ones with each day of scanning. With the data received Censys calculates the security flaws that the devices might have.
Censys writes on its website that: “Driven by Internet-wide scanning, Censys lets researchers find specific hosts and create aggregate reports on how devices, websites, and certificates are configured and deployed.”
 “extremely grateful to Google, who graciously provides much of the infrastructure that powers Censys.” which Censys says about google.

Censys has its major competition with  “hacker’s search engine Shodan“. Though They both perform similar functions Censys has good infrastructure when to compare to shodan, thanks to google.

We could hope that these could find the security flaws and give us more security by correcting it.

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