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Google claims to have achieved Quantum computer which is 100 million times faster than PC

Google’s artificial intelligence labs have given results where they claim to demonstrate that their controversial D-Wave quantum computer really works. Some of D-Wave’s quantum computers were purchased by google back in 2013. It is claimed to be the “world’s first commercial quantum computer,” and it is placed at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California. D-Wave’s hardware is supposed to be lightning fast like being 3,600 times faster than a supercomputer by theory.

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Quantum computers, theoretically is much faster cause they use the advantage of the quirk in quantum mechanics. Our computers use bits in 0 or 1, but the quantum computers use “qubits” that can exist in 0, 1 or a superposition of 2 which allows it to perform problems and solutions faster.
Many teams of researchers and tech giants have unable to prove that their computer actually takes advantage of true quantum effects. But D-Wave’s chips have proved controversial.

But Now, Google has published results on the arXiv server where it claims to demonstrate that the computer does indeed use quantum effects to solve problems at lightning speed. In a series of experiments, the team pitted its D-Wave quantum computer against our normal computers with a single processor and had them race through optimization problems known as annealing.
Our computer used a technique known as simulated annealing, but the quantum computer used a technique known as quantum annealing. Google explains what happened:
We found that for problem instances involving nearly 1000 binary variables, quantum annealing significantly outperforms its classical counterpart, simulated annealing. It is more than 10^8 times faster than simulated annealing running on a single core. We also compared the quantum hardware to another algorithm called Quantum Monte Carlo. This is a method designed to emulate the behavior of quantum systems, but it runs on conventional processors. While the scaling with size between these two methods is comparable, they are again separated by a large factor sometimes as high as 10^8.
This looks like a convincing victory by which the D-Wave quantum computer could complete the task 100 million times faster than our computers we use regularly but as could note both run on the same algorithm. The regular computer could do faster at more optimized algorithms.
 As, The research is yet to be peer-reviewed. 
 But for now, the claims of Google are being to be disputed by quantum physicists.

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