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Get torrents with portable Bittorrent from pendrive

Get torrents with portable BitTorrent from pen drive:

Torrent has become the most used way for download files with huge size in terms GBs and also for small files. One of the best application to download torrent files is Bittorrent. Most of you would be using BitTorrent by installing it into your computer and downloading torrent files with. What would you do if you want to continue the same download from another computer? Now, what if say that you don't need to install it into every system you want to download your torrent file and even continue download at different computers. You can do it by just installing it in your pen drive and carry it where ever you want and use BitTorrent as a portable one. To so follow the steps below.

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Steps to Use Bittorrent as portable version:

  • Go to this link and download the latest stable version of BitTorrent which is free.
  • This is important - Now copy the bittorrent.exe file which you have downloaded and paste it in your pen drive.

  • Now open the bittorrent.exe from your pen drive and follow through the installation.
  • When you come to a window called choose install options select the portable mode option.

  • Now finish your installation.
  • That's it.
  • Now you can run BitTorrent from your pen drive and the best part is you could pause and resume the download with different computers.

Make sure when you download, keep your download files also in the pen drive to resume your download at different computers.

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