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Facebook pages now tell how fast their owners respond

New features are coming to the Pages Manager to maker it easier for their business and for communication with customers.

The biggest change was the new feature called,  “very responsive to messages” icon on facebook page which could only be enabled if the owners respond 90 percent faster to the messages they receive and all that too within five minutes.

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The page owners also have options to specify whether are “away” and they cannot do the responding now.
Facebook says that they are doing some redesigning in their inbox to allow Page owners to save internal notes about users and save some tags to categorize conversations effectively. They also provided a new tool for monitoring page comments.

Facebook wrote on its blog:
As mobile device usage continues to push people to communicate with businesses in real time, businesses need tools to manage communication efficiently. These new features help admins build and a manage a convenient, personal and scalable communication channel for customers, so businesses can connect with people easily and focus on growing their business.
But still there are complaints about the marketing tool but the company says have 50 million active pages which have been raised from 40 million this April. These features are available to all page managers and they could see the change in few days.

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