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Facebook now comes with live video streaming

Facebook now comes with live video streaming


 Facebook introduced the feature of sharing live streaming videos for many public figures in August. This was like an experiment for facebook to enter into live streaming. They got a very good response as thousand of public figures like celebrities, sports person and more got much of their with fans watching live streaming.

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                  Now Facebook is going a step bigger and is bringing the feature of live video streaming for all the verified pages of facebook. You would love this if you are verified page manager or a fan of such page. Surely, you will be one of the above.

                 To share the streaming video, you need to first have an IOS phone with the Facebook app. Open it and visit your page and click on the Publish. From there select live video. That's it you're live on your facebook page. It will also show you the number of people and pages who are viewing your live video at the time broadcast with their names to be specific. At the end of your video broadcast, you video would be shared as normal video share for those of your fans who have missed watching your broadcast.And for viewers, they have a subscribe button to receive notifications if the page produces an another live video streaming.
                   With the roll out of this feature, Facebook is getting into the big picture of integrating all the services within itself apart from visiting other sites. This is going  to be a great one for all of those fans including me.

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