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Disable unwanted Windows startup programs to fasten your system

Disable unwanted Windows startup programs to fasten your system:


 You would have noticed that your system is very slow at when you start. This is because lots of programs start when you enter your system after it has been shut down. Some programs are system and they are necessary for proper functioning. But most other programs are the software you manually install in your computer. And you wouldn't even use most of this software. These programs will slow your system. You could fasten your system if you could disable some of the unwanted software. Here we are going to guide you on how to block unwanted startup programs.

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Steps to disable unwanted startup programs:

  • Open your system and press Windows+r to open your run window.

  • Type in msconfig and press enter.
  • You will enter into system configuration window.

  • From there choose the startup tab from the window.
  • Now you will see the list of programs running on your startup.
  • Uncheck the programs that you don't want to start at your windows startup.
  • This would save a lot of memory and your system would start faster.
Note: Uncheck only the programs that you know and which you might have installed manually as there might be some system programs.

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