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Boot from your CD or pendrive

Boot from your CD or pendrive:

All of you would have seen people install the operating system or booting some software instead of your operating system. This is all done from a bootable Pendrive or CD which lets you boot into your files. These files are mostly operating systems or recovery disk. Do you know how to make and boot one into your system? If No, is your answer then read our steps to get it.
First you got to make bootable Pendrive or CD. CD/DVD's don't require special kind techniques to make it bootable. It is enough to burn the files (mostly OS files) into CD/DVD which makes it bootable by default.
If you need to boot from Pendrive then read this post on how to make bootable Pendrive.
Now you are set to go.

Steps to boot from your CD/DVD or bootable Pendrive:

  • Insert your Pendrive or CD/DVD into your system.
  • Now Restart your system.
  • The first screen (Type of screen depends on the manufacturer) is called the BIOS screen.
  • There you could see two texts like "BIOS setup" and "Boot Menu" with a shortcut key near to it. If not found try F2, F1, F10, F12, ESC, DEL ( These are the most used keys by vendors).
  • Now you will enter into a menu like structure in an old fashioned way.
  • Use arrow keys to select the options (Mouse won't work).

  • Some vendors give the names of the connected devices like this picture. And you could select the option you easily want.
  • But some vendors provide boot menu like this.
  • Here HDD (IDE or SATA) represents Hard disk, FDD represents your USB, DVD or CD-ROM represents your CD/DVD.
  • Now choose the option which you need to use.
  • That's it you will boot into your device other than the hard disk.

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