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Best softwares(IDE) for Android apps development

Android is on the verge of becoming the most used operating in the world. This is because more people are nowadays moving towards android due to its simplicity, great user interface and easily accessible. Not only the consumers but also a large number of developers are on the side of the android due to the fact of android being open source and more people are drawn towards android. This is making android grow bigger day by day.
If you are getting into the development of android apps, then the first thing you should know is to use and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which is, in short to say, a software comprising of code editing, code suggestion, code compilation, error checking and more functions in a single place. The IDE's reduce your work and make you build your apps with the recent technologies available.

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Best softwares(IDE) to perform android app development:

1. Android Studio:

          Android Studio is the first preference to most of the experts for developing complex applications and for new beginners to learn the android app development and android Studio is the official IDE by google for android developers. It is because Android Studio is faster than other IDEs and its auto code suggestions, code editing suggestions are good for beginners using low config machines. One of the biggest advantages of Android Studio is that because it comes with the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) which is important for you to develop your apps. So you don't have the need to download any external software to run  with Android Studio. One of the cons is that experts stated was that the emulator for the android studio doesn't work correctly for many people. But Android is the best if you are a beginner. You could download latest Android Studio from this link.
Andriod Studio

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2. Eclipse with ADT bundle:

           Eclipse is still being used by many developers and industries. The eclipse is easy to use and you could change many preferences and settings for your choice. The best thing about eclipse is that you could get your .apk files directly from your IDE which is not available in the android studio. The emulators are also good with eclipse.To use Eclipse, you need to download Eclipse IDE, Android SDK and ADT Plugin. Google has announced that they are going to end of ADT plugin for Eclipse IDE. But you could still use the older versions of ADT plugin. They are mostly available. You could use Eclipse as it has more changeable options and preferences. One of the cons is the separate downloading of various files and setting up Eclipse.
Eclipse Android IDE with ADT Plugin

If we have missed some of your favorites please let us know in comments below.

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