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Best Internet speed tester drops flash

The first thing we all do on the internet is to test the internet speed when we get into a new network. Most of us would be using the most popular network online network speed tester which is Ookla’s speedtest.net that was using the Adobe Flash to test the speed of the Network like upload and download speeds.

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As the Adobe Flash is going to be shut down and as it is not used by most of websites and internet community Ookla has decided to remove the flash on its speedtest.net service and to replace it with HTML5. With the help of HTML5, it will not be necessary to install plugins like flash as it has all its additional requirements within the browser.

Flash is being dropped continuously by most of the biggest websites and only a few like Netflix and Hulu use the flash. Soon they will also drop flash and adapt to new technology. This will remove the need to download external plugins or other things to do browsing. Now you could all just do it in your browser

Go to speedtest and test your network with new features.

Speedtest Beta

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