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Best Android emulators for pc

 Android os is greatly becoming one of  the most popular Operating systems in the world. Today almost everyone in the world has a smartphone and most of them use an android phone because of its low cost and easily accessibility and it is open source. More people are using it because it has a large number of the developer community and you can download many games and apps from play store. So it is like your computer but on a smaller size.

But some people want to enjoy the fun of android but they don't have an android phone. But you could run the android in your home PC with our listed top best free android emulators  which you can install in your computer and can enjoy  all experience of an android device.

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First of all, what Is an Android Emulator?

Most of the people Don’t Know Whats really an Android Emulator. Android Emulator Is A Virtual Software Or Simulator That Lets You Experience An Android Phone On Your Computer It Looks Like The Same As The Android Phone. So go and  Download Any Of The below stated Emulator And Install In Your Computer and enjoy the feel of android.

1. BlueStacks

BluesStacks takes first place in our list as it Is One Of The Most Popular And Top Android Emulator being used. It Will Let You Run Android Apps And Games On Your Computer And You Can Experience All Features Like In Android Device.  Bluestacks has a quite simple interface and It Lets You Feel As if you are using  An Android Phone. You Can install This Software On Mac Os and also on Windows. You Can Also Download External Apk Files from websites And run In Bluestacks.

2 Andyroid
Andyroid Takes Second Place In Our List. It Has Many Features Like You Can Upgrade To Latest Version. You Can Use It On Mac Also. It Gives A Good Feel Of Android In Your Computer. It Is A Free Emulator You Can Use.

3. YouWave

YouWave takes Third place in our list of Android Emulators. It Is Easy To Use and the  Emulator is good to Play Android Apps And Games On PC. There Are Thousands Of Apps and games  In The google Play Store Which You run with Youwave. There Are Two Parts Of YouWave In The Right part has Your Android Phone Home Screen and the Left Part has The Apps You Installed. But It Is A Paid Software, In Free Version You Can Download Trial For 10 Days. 

4 Genymotion

The Genymotion grabs the Fourth place in our list And it can Work with Windows, MAC, Linux. But for Linux Or Mac you need to use Virtual Box. It Has Free As Well As Paid  Version. The free version has limited features when compared to paid one. It Is Mostly Used By Developers For Testing Android Apps And Games.

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If we have missed some of your favorites please let us know in  comments


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