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Best Android apps to hack Wifi

Every wants to hack the wifi network password near them to get access to their network. Now this is made more easily with android and apps that could hack the network. These apps could also be used by security researchers to find flaws in the network. Here we provide the list of best Wifi hacking tools to get you going. These tools could be only work in rooted android mobile. Make sure you root it and follow us.

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Best Android Apps To Hack WiFi

WPS connect

With the help of WPS connect app you could  disable other user net connection and remove their access on same wifi network. WPS connect allows you to connect automatically to wifi networks around you and even password protected networks.

 Wifi Kill

This app is very cool one as it could disconnect all other devices connected to this network and block the access of other users.You should start right away to use this app.

This app is a great one for you to hack a vulnerable wifi network. With this app, you can crack into some routers which have vulnerabilities which would take over by this app.

Zanti Penetration Testing Android Hacking Toolkit

Zanti is a mobile penetration testing tool which lets the security people to do the testing kind of stuff on to the wifi network. If you are good at it you could use it to your own advantage to take own the network with some techniques.

 Wifi Inspect

WiFinspect is a security related tool which could monitor the networks you own with more functional parameters and accurate statistics. This is a great tool for security researchers to keep an eye on the network.

Fing Networks Tools

Fing is network analyzer tool which would give the status of your network at a fast and accurate rate.  It helps to find the analysis of the devices connected and their status. It is best one analysis of the network.


Arpspoof is a tool  for redirecting the traffics on the network with the help of ARP replies on a local network to a specific target or all parts of the network. 

 Nmap for Android

Nmap (network mapper) is one the best among most hacker and security researchers as it is one of the best port finder tools. This application is not an official app but it looks good.

Network Discovery

This app does not require root access and it could keep track of all the networks you are connected to it.


 Network Spoofer

This app gives the ability to change websites on other people’s computers with the help of these apps from your computers. It also shows how easy or hard the wifi network is to hack.

Try these apps on your device and crack your joy.

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If we have missed some of your favorites please let us know in comments.


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