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8 chrome extensions to add in your Chrome browser

8 chrome extensions to add in your Chrome browser 


          Feedly is the one of the best Chrome extension to get RSS feeds right in your browser. It could well integrate with your browser and give you the best experience with your RSS feed.

       1Password is a chrome extension to generate and remember the complex passwords. It works by generating passwords for the sites you visit and remembering those passwords for you.

Evernote Web Clipper:

              Evernote web clipper lets you copy the whole content of web pages with a single click. It can also grab an image of the page. You could save this in your personal Evernote account.

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          AdBlock Plus, As the name itself, says it is an extension to block the annoying ads you see on the web pages you visit and it will also protect your online privacy by many options.

          It is a very useful extension for students and other learners and even writers. With this extension, you could just double-click the word you want to know the meaning and google would just pop up the meaning for you in a small box.

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        This is one the best extension to watch for weather updates. You will need to enter only the zip code to watch the weather conditions in your place.

         Disconnect is a security related extension which would block unwanted tracking cookies when you browse. This increases your privacy by making advertisers and others from tracking you to all websites you go.

          Many of you would have already noticed that most times chrome freezes when you open more tabs and use at the same time for low-end systems. This extension helps you with this one. It suspends some of the tabs you are not using, thus reducing CPU cycles.

If we have missed some of your favourites please let us know in comments below.


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