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6 Steps to make your online shopping safer

Our shopping over the internet is on the rise and is rising and great rate. As statistics say our purchase could become more than 80 billion euros on these holidays.
As the online shopping is on the rise the hackers are also mostly targeting e-commerce.
To keep your shopping safer keep in mind to follow these steps said below

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1. Look out for Phishing

Phishing scams are increasing which involves the disguise of the fraudsters as a professional people to get your personal information like credit card details. Most of the Scams are done through email. If you don't want to be a victim of the Phishing don't respond to unsolicited emails asking about the details like transaction details and if you're not sure then you could just call the company with the official numbers.

2. Know who is your seller

Make sure that you shop online only at well-respected and reputable retailers and e-commerce website. Before making your purchase do some digging on where you are going to buy. Make sure you purchase at encrypted websites to prevent attacks from hackers and middlemen taking your password away

3. Don't go for public WI-FI

Public Wifi is not so secure as you think it is. Most public Wifi does not have much of a security and encryption having. It is not best to enter credit card details at public Wifi. But if you need it most go for only https sites which are more secure.

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4. Keep your smartphone safe

Smartphones with m-commerce should be kept with most passwords and most securely. It should be updated to withstand attacks. A smart thing to install the banks mobile app on your device and perform your transactions with it securely. Keep complex combinations of password for the lock screens and apps.

5. Store your confirmation safely

Get a print out of the confirmation page or the confirmation mail which you get when you purchase a product. If  you need to return the item or if a problem arises, these records will make it easier to give it to the seller and solve your problems legally.

6. Act quickly

If you think you getting into a scam contact your credit card provider or bank or your fund transfer immediately and notify them of these conditions and situation you are in. They could take of these fraud people for you and they are well at it.

That's it If you follow these steps you could not become the victim of the scams.

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If you have your own methods please let us know in comments


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